Finding Truck Insurance For Under 25′s

Finding Truck Insurance For Under 25′s

on Oct 4, 2014

Young University Graduates Get Trucking

There is a common misconception when it comes to further education. For years we were told, “get a degree, study hard and you will be rewarded.” Though tens of thousands of university graduates find out on a yearly basis that this is not strictly true. If you are seeking a job in finance then you may well be able to calculate why a young person may choose to be an HGV driver instead of waiting for that dream job.

From a financial point of view a trucking job makes a lot of sense. It has been reported that over 150,000 new truck drivers will be required in the UK alone over the next five years. Which other industry can claim the same? Construction restricted. NHS- Majority employment from abroad. We can’t even compare menial office cleaning or the services industry due in part to wages and immigration. So why on earth would any graduate or school leaver choose a life of driving a truck? With the expense of renting a truck, gaining certification and paying up front for CPC training and related assurances?

Under 25′s premiums do not in any stretch of the imagination equate to the cost of full time further education. A student takes out a great big loan at the outset of their planned study. They are expected to pay this back over a certain period after their term ends and they find a new job.

Many struggle to pay this back through menial work while waiting for that application for a dream job to be accepted. Becoming an owner-driver or employed at a hauliers can not only see you make your investment back but pay back those student loans quicker too. When you compare the chances of most students finding a well paid job and take into account the student loans. Then view truck driving, either as a short term or long term career opportunity. You will begin to understand why all sorts of people opt for the rewarding yet long hours on the road.