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Flat Bed Truck

flat bed truck insurance

Flat bed truck insurance is one of the most business orientated HGV policies out there on the market. The loads you carry are not protected by housing like most delivery trucks and the equipment or merchandise that you carry can potentially cause serious liability concerns should it break free in transit.

Theft of the goods in transit is also a concern as is damage en route as well as loading on and off. Often a crane or fork lift truck will load the flat bed truck, this may result in weight being dropped from a height and damage to the truck itself, injuries to people nearby or damage to the merchandise you are due to carry.

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Coverage can be immediate as long as we have all your details and paperwork is correct. Our coverage is second to none when it comes to policy inclusion. Buy buying online you can compare instantly, receive a highly tailored quotation and ensure all your options are covered.

Compare Flat Bed Truck Insurance Quotes Online

It is essential when taking out any insurance policy that you read through the particulars and get the best cover available for the cheapest premium possible. A short list to make a comparison against would be;

  • Is Third party fire and theft enough? By getting fully comprehensive cover you will be insured against all public and private liabilities, accidental damage and ensure your drivers are covered in the event of a crash or incident.
  • These HGVs are already heavy, imagine the load weight and damage a flat bed could do to property or other vehicles when fully laden. Check the upper limit on liability insurance and ensure coverage for property damage.
  • Goods in transit insurance is vitally important, both for loss of goods when on the road, to late delivery and damaged stock when loading and off loading. Again, ensure your equipment or merchandise and the value herein is covered by the policy you take out.
  • Might you need road side assistance and recovery and perhaps European road cover as well as UK wide? Compare for the best breakdown cover.

Get your flat bed lorry insurance quote instantly delivered by call or email by filling out our short form. If you require additional business insurance, liability cover or driver cover simply call for further details.

If you run a fleet of vehicles consider multi-vehicle cover but be wary and insist on a separate no claims bonus for each vehicle you have. Do you need cover against windscreen damage and glass repair? Consider these particulars when you compare the policy details.