HGV Insurance

Heavy Goods Vehicle insurance at a price thats light on your wallet. Get the best HGV cover now and save up to 40% by completing our no hassle quote form, let us do the hard work and save you money.

Insurance Cover For HGV’s

HGV insurance

Is your heavy goods vehicle between 2.5, 7.5 and 44 tonnes in weight? Then we have the best HGV insurance quotes awaiting your immediate approval. We cover a vast range of HGV needs, from rigid body trucks, articulated trucks, and pantechnicons.

We have a wealth of experience in determining the cheapest HGV insurance for companies UK wide. It is important as a goods delivery business that your vehicles arrive on time, stay on the road and that any goods and equipment are received in the condition they departed. But what if something goes wrong?

By seeking out cover online you are ensuring you receive the cheapest and best quote available in an instant. Compare quotes on an individual basis against a raft of individual policy details fast and easily by simply completing our swift two minute quote form.

Your business and vehicles can be covered within five minutes and full documentation despatched. Pay by monthly instalments or a discount for full annual payment received and get the best coverage available keeping your trucks on the road all year round.

Compare HGV Insurance Quotes Online

A HGV is not a small vehicle to insure. By utilising the advice from our expert advisors you can get the best information to apply to your policy needs. A few particulars to look out for are;

  • Ascertain which vehicles can be covered by our HGV insurance. Do you have a refrigerated truck, left hand drive, crew cab or classic truck? We cover most HGVs in use in the UK.
  • Are you an owner operator or do you manage a fleet of different HGV trucks? You can often get a discount for fleet cover and a wealth of inclusive policies from breakdown to driver cover. With additional software to aid in tracking and maintenance.
  • We can offer all age groups tailored coverage, including young drivers cover with no upper age limit.
  • Have you considered European cover or do you just need UK coverage? Ensuring the right insurance will enable you access to a Europe wide repairer network with built in breakdown recovery and roadside assistance.

As well as keeping your trucks maintained and in good working order, backed up by the correct policies most HGVs are concerned with moving goods from A to B. Take out Goods In Transit insurance and ensure it covers the value of those goods, should there be an accident, refrigeration cut off or the load is stolen.

By buying and comparing HGV insurance online you are saving from the minute you begin to fill out the form. Both on time and keeping your trucks on the move and by receiving discounts your average broker simply cannot afford to offer.

Consider the following when making comparisons, like for like replacement should your vehicle need extensive repair or is a write off. Will there be any restrictions and do you need an operator’s license? Think of business liabilities, both public and private should there be damage to property, another vehicle or person.