International Truck Insurance

international truck insurance

If you own a truck and are doing continental work backwards and forwards to Europe, then you will require International Truck Insurance.  This will cover you for 3rd party claims and if you wish to have fully comprehensive, then it will be a requirement to have a Green Card.

We understand the international market well, and already insure large numbers of trucks for this type of work.  Lately, there have been significant cost increments when running a truck abroad, rising fuel costs, increased labour costs and therefore, it is important to keep insurance premiums to a minimum.

Reasons to use us are:

  • Excellent insurance rates for vehicles 7.5t to 44t
  • Legal expenses cover available
  • Very competitive schemes for goods in transit
  • Different rates of finance with low deposits
  • An experienced team to assist you through the procedure

When deciding upon which type of insurance to use, it is important to search the market and speak to a specialist broker who has the right contacts to source the best premiums.  There are several ways of reducing your premiums and one of the most successful ways of keeping the premiums down is by keeping a large number of No Claims Bonus years, also you might look to raise the excess, and this again can help to maintain the premiums.

If you are looking to get a green card so that your vehicle is fully comprehensive while abroad, there are several categories of countries, so it is important to establish which countries you are going to in Europe, there are 7 bandings with Italy and Greece being more costly in terms of a Green Card.  We are able to email out our International Truck insurance with a green card the same day, and we have a free phone number if you are calling from abroad.

If you are looking for a competitive quote for taking your truck abroad, then please call us on 01782 660590 where we would be happy to help.