Lorry Insurance in Northern Ireland

Lorry Insurance in Northern Ireland

on Oct 18, 2014

Like elsewhere within the UK, we know we are a competitive industry. Each of the top Northern Ireland providers are fighting to compete so as to deliver the lowest premiums possible. From a haulier’s point of view, insurance is yet another bug bear expenditure alongside that of rising fuel costs. The ability to save on such an essential expense can make the difference between deficit and profit during any market downturn. The cover such policies provide is invaluable, especially when concerned with expansion and retaining of drivers in the long term. While we will do our best to compare lorry insurance in Northern Ireland premiums on your behalf, you too can help in lowering premiums.

Northern Ireland premiums are affected by several factors. The age of your drivers and their collective no claims bonuses and the use of telematics across your vehicles and regular maintenance. Whether you have a secure gated entrance with CCTV and guard or majority have overnight stays in public areas. Insurers are keen to offer lower annual premiums to businesses which put security and maintenance high on the agenda.

You may also receive discounted quotes should your operations be at a local level, rather than UK wide and continental. We compare specialised Lorry policies in Northern Ireland across several main price points. Will you be carrying customer’s goods or your own? Goods In Transit needs to cover the value of the goods, even the delay of shipments can be insured against. Especially when concerned with perishables.

Buying the best cover for lorry drivers in Northern Ireland online is a quick and easy process but in the main we complete quotes by phone to enact immediate coverage. Our partners and underwriters cover all categories and weights of lorry. Light goods vehicles (LGV) under 3.5 tonnes, Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) over 7.5 tonnes ranging from three axles to six axles and all draw bar, artic and trailers.

The cover provided can include employer’s liability insurance, Goods in transit, Hauliers liability and fully comprehensive through to Third party fire and theft. With flexible payment options offered by most of our partners and with public liability cover above the average threshold we are sure we can meet your logistical needs.

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