Lorry Insurance

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The Best Insurance Cover For Lorries

lorry insurance

Forget what you’ve heard regarding haulage insurance being a minefield. It has never been easier to get lorry insurance online and the cheapest quotes delivered to your email inbox within minutes.

Equally as fast is the coverage. As soon as you decide upon which lorry insurance quote fits your needs you will be covered within minutes with documents despatched by post on next day delivery.

By using our simple, two minute form, entering in vehicle details and business and driver details as required, we will send you the quotes that best match your needs. We will also follow this up with a phone call to offer advise on further protection that you may need to add.

The form is very simple to complete. To take advantage of any no claims bonuses and discounts, please do mention your current allotted time and enter the precise type of lorry you wish to have insured, box, refrigerated, tipper or other type.

Compare Lorry Insurance Quotes Online

Your heavy goods vehicle or lorry, during its lifetime, will happen across many bumps, scrapes and may well be targeted by criminals or be caught up in an accident. Due to the nature of a lorry, its load is often worth thousands of pounds which carries goods to and from your client’s business premises.

It is worth considering all of the following when comparing lorry insurance quotes online and to take note of whether you need Third party fire and theft TPFT) or fully comprehensive cover;

  • Do not overpay on a policy you don’t require. Tell us your exact HGV model and its use and proposed value of goods in transit and you will receive the quote that best matches your needs.
  • If you are delivering overseas, consider European cover, either full or the free allotted days. Ensuring the correct road coverage will allow you access to the best repair networks, breakdown recovery cover and roadside assistance.
  • You do need to insure against public and private liabilities, both in respect to clients, other vehicles, staff and drivers. Make sure you have the correct employer liability insurances but don’t take out double or more coverage than you need.
  • Check limits on liabilities and also consider low mileage insurance cover if you are not on the road as often as other large fleets might be.
  • If you are an owner operator, choose the right policy. Fleet managers can also expect discounts when insuring for more than a handful of vehicles. Vehicles which can be added to the policy over time.
  • Ensure individual no claims bonuses are attached to each vehicle rather than multiple vehicles to ensure the best savings and the cheapest coverage in the long run.

Compare lorry insurance online but be advised that taking out the correct goods in transit cover will give confidence not only to your clients but aid in business acumen too.

Keeping your trucks and lorries on the road is vitally important, but even more so is the care and coverage you give to the load you are carrying.