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If you have ever witnessed a recovery truck breakdown, you will understand the irony of requiring the best recovery truck insurance quote to meet your policy and business needs. At some point your recovery vehicle will act just like any other on the road and it’s best to be covered to the hilt when it does.

We have partnered with industry leading brokers and insurance companies to deliver a range of instant quotes direct to your email inbox via our 2 minute form or by return call from one of our knowledgeable advisors.

Buying recovery truck insurance online is one of the most simple, fastest and effective ways of getting your truck or fleet of vehicles covered instantly. Your quotes will be emailed to you directly or if you prefer to speak to an expert we will call you back at a time to suit you.

The level of cover you require will depend on several factors, no claims bonus, driver specifics and the range of your pick up and tow service. It is interesting to note that some recovery vehicles may be able to gain coverage and save money by utilising a limited mileage policy.

Comparing tow truck insurance can be a difficult task but with the assistance of our expert advisors you will find the best and cheapest quote to suit your situation.

Compare Recovery Truck Insurance Quotes Online

With our years of experience we can help you ascertain whether you will be better off with multi vehicle or fleet insurance. If you can benefit from a low mileage policy and whether you need full European cover or just UK policy cover with additional days in Europe. For instance if you operate near a ferry port rescuing a client from across the channel.

A few particulars to look out for and compare would be the following;

  • Do you require Third party fire and theft (TPFT) or a fully comprehensive recovery truck insurance policy?
  • Do you require contents cover and protection against accidental damage to the vehicle itself? Then fully comp may be required.
  • Consider your liabilities, private and public as well as employee.
  • Coverage against damage to other vehicles when loading and offloading, or liabilities with regards to the general public are all important.
  • Additional factors to compare are roadside assistance, a 24 hour claims line, legal expenses and loss of licence.

We are keen to provide you with the cheapest, fastest and best tow truck insurance that fits your requirements with advice on additional policy cover should it be needed.

Breakdown cover, insurance for drivers and employees, further business liability cover and retaining individual vehicle no claims bonuses are important parts of any cover. Indeed even a replacement vehicle. All of the above will keep your business flowing and ensure only minor loss or disruption.