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Whether you manage a fleet of skip trucks or a single heavy goods vehicle, a specialist skip truck insurance protects your business, drivers and the truck itself against many of the pitfalls of running such a heavy duty vehicle on the busy roads of the UK and across Europe.

Such is the grace and power of the internet you only need fill out the short quote form with your particulars and we will source the best quotes to match you requirements.

The minute you accept our free, no-obligation quote, your truck and associated policies will be enacted and your coverage will begin immediately. Ensuring your vehicles stay on the road, business liabilities are kept insured against and drivers and employees are safe in the knowledge that should any breakdown or accident occur then they are covered too.

Compare HGV Skip Lorry Insurance Quotes Online

Securing your cover online is by far the quickest and easiest way to enact coverage. If your question is ‘how do I get competitive skip insurance quotes’ be assured that our knowledgeable, specialist advisors will find the best quotes for your circumstances. The important parts of any policy which you should compare upon receiving your quote from us are as follows;

  • Do you require Third party fire and theft (TPFT) only or a fully comprehensive package?
  • If you own a fleet of skip lorries, is it better to insure individually or get fleet wide coverage no matter how many different types of HGV you run.
  • With a fleet policy, ensure that a no claims bonus is stand alone and applied to each vehicle rather than as a fleet. Saving you money in the long run and allowing vehicles not involved in accidents to retain their no claims bonus status.
  • Consider paying premiums by instalments and check for discounts when buying online.
  • Due to the nature of an HGV, check for the upper most limit of Third party property damage and compare this against the cost of the monthly premium. If those chains which lift the skip break and cause damage to a client’s business premises you may be liable.

It is of paramount importance that you gain as much inclusive coverage as possible. Although for skip lorries you may well need additional cover that is not naturally included in an standard quote.

Consider the need for multi vehicle cover, fleet insurance, breakdown cover and the coverage of the repair network. Is it UK wide and how wide is the network in Europe? Also check if you are allowed European cover for a set amount of days if not required all year round.

Check if you need further employee liabilities, skip insurance separate from the skip lorry cover and consider limits for public indemnity and public liability insurance. Ensuring the correct policy will keep your vehicles on the road and your business costs down.