Tipper Truck Insurance

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Tipper Insurance

tipper truck insurance

Running a Haulage Operation has become increasingly competitive due to the rising costs of fuel, labour and insurance, thus it is important to manage and contain all costs and ensure you are getting the best deal in the current market.

Finding Tipper Insurance in today’s market can provide certain problems, as various Insurers have pulled out of this specialist market. We do have unique Insurers that cater specifically for Tipper Truck Insurance.

If you are hauling Aggregate or Hardcore this falls into the Haulage category and will be rated by Insurers accordingly. Also, these days it is very important to have public liability cover so that this covers all eventualities in a third party claim.

We also offer a range of additional services, which include Accident & Breakdown Cover Insurance which gives you the peace of mind that in the event of a breakdown, you will automatically get relayed to the nearest garage for the necessary repairs. We also offer Legal Cover which can be included within the Tipper Insurance Policy, which allows up to £100k cover in the event of Legal or Tribunal claims. With this market becoming increasingly competitive, it is massively important to speak to a specialist Broker within this Sector in order to obtain a cheap Tipper Insurance quote for your vehicle.

We also offer Fleet Insurance for 4 vehicles and above, this is done by the provision of the Fleet Rated claims experience which can be obtained from your current Insurer or Broker. To obtain a competitive quote, please contact 01782 660590 and one of our team will be happy to help you.