Truck insurance for young drivers

Truck insurance for young drivers

on Sep 22, 2014

CPC Training Costs And Cover For Young Drivers

Specialist commercial cover for young drivers has always been difficult to attain. Not merely due to the high cost entry level. The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) periodic training deadline has also impacted this. This Government provision is a means test to ensure you are qualified to drive high loads on UK roads competently. It requires you to undertake 35 hours of training at least every five years. The cost of this to young drivers can be prohibitively expensive however. Couple those financial demands with initial expenses for all certification truck purchase or rental plus truck cover for young drivers policies. While it is ‘only’ an additional £3000. It’s money that many younger drivers wishing to get into the trade can ill afford at the outset.

Truck insurance for young driver’s can be compared online to ensure you receive the best coverage and the lowest premiums possible. Each and every driver will have different requirements. These can be matched on a per application basis. Once all your information has been processed an underwriter can be deployed to find an insurer willing to issue your cover. Though we feel there is a lot more the industry itself and government can do to help alleviate the cost of entry and obtaining a career in logistics. The government it would seem, agrees. Andrew Bridgen MP has highlighted that while there are 675,000 qualified HGV drivers in the UK, a large percentage are near retirement. It is believed that over 150,000 new drivers will be required in the UK alone within the next five years. It is not conceivable to expect a great many of that number to switch careers although being a truck driver can be rewarding.

Fleet truck insurance for young drivers can assist in bringing down those costs if borne by a business. And the government typically pays for the expense of CPC Training, when considering support in other countries such as Germany. It is already apparent that towards the end of 2014 there is a shortage of drivers required to manage Christmas cargo between ports and warehouses across the UK. Not only because many older drivers chose retirement over a £3000 CPC payment. But not enough is being done to attract young people into the trucking trade. With government assistance and business led innovation taking into account fleet cover, training and offering depots for securing trucks. Enquire to find out why we believe the cost of CPC training, setting up and comparing cover can see premiums lowered and entry more affordable.