Truck Insurance & Van Insurance

Compare prices from a range of providers and let the insurers compete to give you the best deal available. Please complete a short form and we will do the rest. Your details will be automatically submitted to our specialist panel , who will compete to offer you the best quote for your truck.

Save When Purchasing And Comparing Cover Online

The objective for you is an all encompassing truck insurance policy that meets your businesses needs. We are well aware you wish to save money but also keep your vehicles and HGVs on the road. Here are a few pointers to help you on your way to the cheapest quote possible.

Get the quotes in: Use our free services to find quotes from multiple insurance brokers and insurance houses with one click of the button. We are not a faceless operation, we can call you back or you can call us directly. This is a personal insurance service tailored to your vehicles and business.
Choose your drivers and offer on site training: Insurers are not oblivious to the fact that the driver matters when it comes to insuring the vehicle. Show your prospective insurer that you are selective with drives. that you train them in road safety and offer tracking devices and other utilities to aid in bringing insurance costs down.
When vehicles are not on the road, then they are parked up, nut where and in which postcode? If you can choose a better postcode with less reported criminal activity then do so. If you can park up your vehicles in fenced off areas with security cameras then this will help bring down the cost of premiums. Additionally, secure those trucks, better lucks, handbrake mechanisms and tracking devices.
Lastly, the amount of vehicles you wish to insure and how you wish to pay matters greatly. If you are a fleet manager get discounts by moving all your vehicles under one policy, no matter the type of HGV. But don’t forget to retain individual vehicle no bonus claims. How you pay also matters, annual premiums can work out cheaper than monthly premiums.